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Jennifer Bell Company takes an exciting new approach to music performance.


Working with both professional singers and anyone who can make noise with their mouth, director-composer Jennifer Bell specialises in oratorios, sung

a-cappella in close-harmony.


The songs reveal extraordinary moments in everyday life, finding the big themes in small details, and are often based on true stories taken verbatim from interview or found texts. They are about our needs, our secrets, our quiet virtues and shared victories.


JBC ensembles have performed both live and on film. Shows are often staged in unusual locations, engaging with the people who live or work there. They have filled working office blocks with song, sung in the woods, in galleries and on buses, and taken the work into theatrical contexts, such Bristol Old Vic and at Mayfest.



“A 'townscape' of unadorned song, delivered here in soaring a-cappella.”


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“The quality of the singing and the music direction is superb. This piece is a delightful surprise for the whole audience.”


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